Influenced by a mixture of collagists, print makers, pictorialists, surrealists and cubists, Marki Williams is a photographer with works focusing on alternative processes that emphasize experimentation. She often combines mix media with her photographs for a more hands-on approach to photography, whether it be works involving photographic transfers or works delving into the combination of paints with the photograph. Marki’s creative process begins with extensive research that is written up and sketched out for visual concepts revolving around series-based theories. Her work closely relates to the issues of reality and how the camera can help or hurt this notion, as perspective can often create many “realities”. Her interest in reality, or non-reality, results in surreal, monochrome imagery that express the profound complexities of a subject in a photograph.    
     With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Marki Williams is an artist based in Dallas, Texas, and a member of Society for Photographic Education.
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