Marki Williams is a fashion photographer based in Dallas. She grew up enamored with polaroids and disposable cameras as a kid, as well as the glossy pages of fashion magazines, which eventually led to her pursuing a BFA in photography at The Art Institute of Dallas. 
Marki specializes in fashion and beauty, portrait, and fine art photography. Her work is intimate and evident of fleeting moments that exemplify the complex nature of her subjects,  using  both digital and analogue to tell their stories.  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
          The Art Institute of Dallas, Dallas, TX                                                                                                         2014

“Two Girls and their Art”, The 8680 Gallery, Frisco, TX                                                                                   2014
“Capture Club Exhibition”, Pegasus Gallery, The Art Institute, Dallas, TX                                                   2013


Manifest, International Photography Annual 4, Cincinnati, Ohio                                                                   2016
Monochrome Magazine, Issue No. 5, Australia                                                                                                   2017          
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